Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shannon Video

Tonight at cheer camp (Maddy is going to a five day cheer camp and then gets to cheer at the high school football game in a week!) Mason, Aubrey and I were egging on Shannon about doing cartwheels and such. She kept claiming that she could still do a round-off at the ripe old age of 33....I was telling her that I didn't believe it.

Well...here is proof that at 33 she can still do a round-off!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! This video is hillarious!
Way to go Shannon!!! You still have what it takes!
Love you both,

Rachel Ann said...

AWESOME! I still remember learning to do a round-off as a child, and how satisfying the click of my heels was to me.

Ronnica said...

I used to go to cheer camp. I was SO awful...