Monday, September 08, 2008

Irrational Fears

By nature I am not a fearful person...especially when it comes to things of God and faith. There are many things that if I wasn't a Christian would be very fearful to me; however, they are not!

HOWEVER....and that is a big HOWEVER...

There are a few things that I have an unexplained irrational fear about...don't laugh!!

1. Snakes...hated them as a kid...hate them now. I can live with this fear though because snakes don't generally hang out in my house....I have to go find them (which I don't thank you very much!.....except for the Thailand Zoo, but that is another story).

2. Frogs/Toads/Etc...don't know why...I like how they look and think they are cute, BUT I hate them getting close to me....ugh, ugh, ugh!!!!! Once they get within a certain distance of me I stop thinking of them as cute and start thinking of them as icky, icky, icky....

3. And my #1 irrational fear???? Mice/Rats/Gerbils/Rodents of ANY KIND!!! OMG...can't handle them. They give me the heebie jeebies, make me break out in heart palpatations and a cold sweat. I have had one too many bad encounters with these things to make them enjoyable. I know that I am bigger than them. I know that they can't possibly do anything to me. I know all that, but it still doesn't matter...

Why do I tell you all this?

Well, I was taking a 10 minute power nap on my couch during lunch today and at the exact moment I opened my eys I saw something scurrying underneath the entertainment center and back behind the TV. I have my center katywampus to the corner, so there is LOTS of room back there...but I couldn't even bring myself to look behind the TV and see what, if anything, was back there! I hit the side a few times with the broom, but NOTHING!!!

It is making me sick to my stomach to even think about having to go home tonight with this, this thing running around my house making itself comfortable and inviting all his other little buddies to come over and scare the crap out of me!!

Oh Lord help me! And help Ernie find the mice when he comes over tonight pretending to be the exterminator with mice poison and traps!!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh my garsh...I'm the WORST with bugs. I saw ONE bug last night on my floor near the front door and I had a horrible dream that our house was infested with all sorts of nasty creepy crawlies. I really need professional help. I usually go baaaaaalistic when I see a bug. lol

Marcie said...

OHMYGOSH deathly afraid of snakes. Can't even go into a reptile house at Zoos and for a long time I couldn't look at pictures of snakes. PICTURES!

One time a snake was brought in our apartment by our cat and I FREAKED out! It was half dead so it slithered under the fridge and I was in PANIC. I wouldn't go into the kitchen for hours and had the gate up and towels stuffed under that. All while hysterically calling James to come rescue. He thought it was SO FUNNY. I certainly didn't.

Amanda K said...

ewww... you poor thing! Mice are so yucky! I feel like putting my feet up just reading that!! YUCK!! Good luck!!