Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wish List

What do I need a wish list for you ask!
Well, I'll tell you!!! My birthday is coming up...yeah for September 16th...I'll be 34!
So this list is mainly for my Mom (hint, hint!!)
So if I could have anything I really wanted...I would love to have this is a personal die cutting machine for my scrapbooking!! I am seriously considering buying it if I can get my hands on a JoAnn's coupon while I am over in Puyallup (did I tell you I was going to be in Puyallup for my birthday???...Yep, I am!).
The next thing I'd like is the Carrie Underwood CD "Carnival Ride". This CD has so many great songs on it, and Carrie is a wonderfully amazing singer!
The final thing I'd like is a cast iron pot so that I can make my popcorn on the stove without it burning!! I love to make popcorn on the microwave or air popper for me; however, the pan I have now is one of those really thing pans and my popcorn (not all of it) tends to burn each time!

So, not much! But a few ideas!


Marcie said...

You soooo need to try my microwave popcorn in the bag thingy! You can still burn it but less need for a pan.

Rachel Ann said...

LOL!!! But I like the taste of popcorn on the stove!!!