Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mad Rush

I have two assignments left to finish and turn in for this last class I have this term.....they have to be turned in AND graded/passed before Monday. So that means I need to get them in today if at all possible so that the graders can look at them, and if revisions need to be made I can make them and turn them back in!


Good thing it is slow at work, even with Shannon and Ernie gone, and I can do my paper at work. Now as long as I can stay off the internet....


Marcie said...

AND you are preparing ot be with some of the BEST people in the universe!!! Those of us who reside in Puyallup. (well just some of the best people in the world, but a good chunk!)

Looks like we'll have a good weekend of fancy weather!

Did I tell you that we are going to see the Veggie Tales on Friday?
Oh man, we won tickets from KCMS. Who knew I'd win. Noah is BEYOND excited. Even though he's 10 and has long grown out of them. Suddenly he's just jumping to see them. I'm sure it'll be silly, but it'll make a great blog post!!!

Marcie said...

BTW-how did you get your blog to pop open another window for comments??

Rachel Ann said...

Because I'm cool like I waved my magic wand and "poof" they appeared!! Sorry...sarcasm is over!!!

It is in the layout section...I'll have to walk through it and let you know for sure how i did it.

Congrats to you...does this mean free coffee for your coffee drinking friends?