Tuesday, September 02, 2008

58 years...

That is how long my Grandpa and Grandma Knutson (Pat and Shorty)...my maternal grandparents have been married as of today!! Happy anniversary to a wonderful set of people! My sister Shannon, Brittany and I went over on Sunday to visit them as there was a whole bunch of family visiting (my mom....her sister and family....her baby brother and family...and her oldest brother). We missed seeing a few people as they left before we got there on Sunday! It was a fun day to catch up with family and eat a good home-cooked dinner!!!

My grandpa is doing well (as lots of you know he has been very ill the last few years), so well in fact that he told his kidney and heart and cancer doctors that he was going hunting (again) this year. An activity that he really, really needs to give up, but hey when you are 80 I figure you should do whatever the Hell you want! You're old...you deserve it. If you die, then hey you die doing something you enjoy instead of sitting in a chair in your house or a nursing home...ok, ok enough I know!! When my grandpa told this to his doctors, they all told him NO!! One doctor even went as far as to actually kick my Grandpa in the shins...I think he shocked my Grandpa, but didn't deter him! Again, give the guy a break...he just sold his boat let him have this.

I don't get to visit my Grandma as much when there are lots of people there as she is busy cooking and such...but she is doing well too!

I love my Granma and Granpa so much! And wish them the best for many, many more years to come. I can only hope that when I marry that I see 58 years of marriage!

Side note--My grandparents were part of a DVD a few years ago for home dialysis...basically a how-to DVD. The DVD interviewed six patients and how they did dialysis at home. I found the link to my Grandpa and Grandma's portion of the video and thought I'd share with you all so you can see how cute they are! Remember, this video is two years old...my Grandpa now has a semi-permanent oxygen tank he carries around, he talks louder cuz he doesn't wear his hearing aids like he should and he is harder to understand these days because the disease he has makes it so that his saliva doesn't come in which makes his mouth dry! Click Romayne "Shorty" Knutson for the video!

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Marcie said...

that is FANTASTIC that they've been married that long. What an example!