Sunday, September 28, 2008

Phantom of the Opera


I went to see Phantom of the Opera tonight at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. I saw this once before about 10-12 years ago, and had forgotten a lot of the was captivating to watch again! I love this play/opera/musical....and of course nothing could make a person forget the scenes beneath the Paris Opera House focusing on the Phantom!

Brittany and I had seats right smack dab in the middle, about 10 rows from the orchestra pit/stage! It was fantastic...we even felt heat from some of the pyrotechnics they used. So between being late (my sister) and having a family that isn't much into taking pictures...there are no pictures of me tonight.

Here is the bill board for one of the greatest, if not the greatest, broadway musical ever! The Phantom tonight was were the other cast members.

Another billboard....

I wanted a picture of the theater with all the lights on and such; however, it wasn't to be. First of all, we got to the theater just as they were closing the doors. Secondly, Brittany and I waited outside for Shannon and Ernie and by the time I decided to just head back to my car the lights were turned out! Bummer! Oh well...I have the memories!


Nina said...

Ohhhh...This brings back such good memories for me :O) Scott took me to the exact same theater to see Phantom on our 3rd date! (this was when i knew he was a keeper) And it was amazing! Don't ya just love when the chandelier falls?

We saw it in Las Vegas too and it was fabulous. The production and the theater were great, but the overall show was better in Seattle.

Heather said...

You know, I am a total, total musical theater geek. LOVE musical theater - I even aspired to be a professional musical theater actress back in the day. (Alas, I cannot dance to save my life, that kinda killed my dream.) However, even with being a diehard musicals freak, I have never, ever seen Phantom. It is pathetic, I know!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my big featured SITS day! Happy to meet a fellow word nerd, and a musical-loving one at that! :D


Rachel Ann said...

Phantom is AWESOME. You should see Wicked, too, if it comes to Seattle. It's even better than Phantom (though I didn't like the book at all).

Ronnica said...

I'd love to see it. I really like the movie, the music, and the story.