Thursday, October 30, 2008

Call Me Betty

I was in a tiara wearing mood tonight! This little spider tiara was a Halloween gift from my BFF a few years ago! Love it...yes, I will be wearing it to work tomorrow, even though I work in a warehouse!

So I saw these cute pumpkin cupcakes in a magazine and thought they would be fun to make for the kiddos (and by kiddos I mean nieces and nephews) for Halloween tomorrow. The magazine said they were easy...THEY LIED!

I made cupcakes...cut them in half and then frosted them. What they neglect to tell you is how freaking hard it is to frost a cupcake completely without getting all the frosting on yourself! Then I took a second cupcake and put it on top...frosting them together. Then put green "leaves" on them...way TOO MUCH WORK. You may call me Betty Crocker...but Betty I'm not!

I had more cupcakes that I was planning on making into pumpkins...however, I QUIT!! I had already taken these out of their liners and cut the tops off in preparation for putting them together, but I didn't. I put them back into new liners and simply frosted them and put some ugly green leaves on them...Good thing the taste isn't affected by the looks and design!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

This is why I gave up on the cake decorating class...they said, "It's so easy" yet they forget to tell you about how much frosting you'll wear, how much your hands will hurt, how your finger will be stained from the dye. Ugh.

You tried and that's what counts.

Betty said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog today! Your cupcakes look great, and I think you had a good idea by just frosting the tops! Luckily kids love frosting!
I made cupcakes yesterday too, except carrot ones.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

"Way too Funny Rachel." Your cupcakes look Great! What a wonderful Auntie you are! I sure hope the kido's appreciate you!
Happy Halloween.....
Love Mom

Tracy P. said...

Oooh, lucky nieces and nephews! I bet they loved them.

Don't you just love recipes that take ten times longer than you think they would?

Thanks for stopping by with BATW today!