Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dajia!

My cutie patootie niece Dajia is 4 today! Happy Birthday Baby! She is such a girly girl too...likes to dress up and have tea!

This is her "innocent" look!

This is probably my favorite...she's got a glint of bad, bad, bad in her in spite of the angel wings an halo! This is angel with attitude!

Dajia Rose is a sweetie...a hellion at times--only because she loves people and every time we are around her she is running around like a wild maniac! She just gets so excited she can't help it!

We went to Chuck E' Cheese this last weekend for her birthday and we had a ton of fun. Her and Mason were playing so hard they had sweat rolling off of them...ugh! I was a bad auntie though and didn't take any pictures...I know...SHOCKING! But that's alright these pictures are much better than anything I could have taken.


Jenny said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! And thanks for adding me to your blog :) Aw shucks. Your niece is a definate cutie!!!


P.S. I think you are awesome for admitting Zach & Cody is a fave show :)

Mandy said...

Hi Rachel! Your were ahead of me in roll call on SITS, so I had to come by and say HI!:) Your neice is just too cute, I agree, the third picture is my favorite, too. I have a daughter turning 4 next month and I've seen that face a few time.;)
Have a great day!

Lilly's Life said...

Hi there saw you on roll call on SITS - she is a gorgeous girl isnt she? Great photos too!