Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gotta Love this Bad Girl!

Yes, this is the brat I was talking about in my last post. Most of the time she can try your patience like you know what, but then there are times when you just gotta love her!! Friday night was one of those times...she actually stood still and let someone take her picture, and then she actually took one with me!

I'm not sure if she is covering her mouth because she is going to laugh or because she is scared about a kiss from Auntie!

This is the face that she uses when she wants to con something out of you! The innocence of teenagers...is there such a thing?

As we were sitting at the dinner table I snapped at least 10 pictures of Brittany, and Lord knows that is a miracle in of itself! And actually most of the pictures turned out pretty well...

"Hmmm....I think my Auntie might be smokin' something...why else would she take the same picture so many times?"

There you have it...the teenager you want to stay mad at, but then love her when you see her in pictures!! Brittany you are the best!

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