Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photo Tagged

My new blogger friend Ronnica from Tale of a Kansas Girl tagged me in a photo tag meme. I of course said YES!! I love tags...surveys...random questions, etc., etc...

Here are the details you must follow:

1. Go to the sixth picture folder, and then to your sixth picture.

2. Pray that you remember the details...and then proceed to tell us the details!

3. Tag 5 others and comment that they've been tagged.

See this is an easy one!!!

Here is my picture--I remember this!! This is Miss Erica, aka Snow White, and that is her Momma Monica (the best SO CAL Scrapper I know!). I was living in Oceanside last year and worked for Ever After Scrapbook Store in Carlsbad, CA. Erica came in with her Mom handing out cute little Halloween baggies of treats for us! Isn't she cute???

Here are the five people I am tagging:

1. Dena--I think her picture will have Cooper, Paige or Zeke...three of the cutest kids I've ever seen!

2. Holly S.--Now that you have regular access to a computer there is no excuses!!! Not sure what her picture will be.

3. Monica--You have to play since my picture is of your Erica!!!

4. Tamara--She lives in beautiful Hawaii, so my guess is that her picture will be a beautiful scenery shot!

5. The Other Rachel Ann--This fun blogger found me through googling Rachel Ann...and I came up!! Our Moms knew what they were doing when they named us! I've only known Rachel for a few weeks through our blogs, so I am excited to see what she posts.

If I didn't tag you and you want to play along...please do...this is a fun meme to pass along!

Have fun.


Becky said...

Hey SITSta, you were the name above mine. I love the cute Snow White, perfect for the little trick or treaters. Hope you have a great day.

Rachel Ann said...

Rachel Ann!!!

This is awesome. I just found my photo (it's a good one!) and can't wait to write about this. I may not get to it until Monday, cause I'm going away on a retreat today, but thanks for tagging me! This will be super fun.

You rock,
Your name rocks,
Your blog rocks,

Rachel Ann

Bethany said...

Fun! That's a neat idea. :)

You were the name above mine on SITS, so here I am!


teampischke said...

I have to ask K how to do this... Ha..I am so not PC savvy... but I will play.

Ronnica said...

Sorry I'm just getting around to seeing this. RL is demanding sometimes! Doesn't it know I have a life in bloggyland, too?

Cute picture, and very appropriate for October!