Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Here is Maddy running to go trick-or-treating!

Shannon and her purple-haired little witchie poo!

This picture makes her look so much older than her 10 years! OMG...please don't grow up


Aunt Rachel with her little Motor Cross Bike Rider Mason

Auntie and her little witch Maddy!

Fly Away little away!

Cassie, Maddy and Mason

Cassie came to visit for the weekend from Gig Harbor

I had to add this picture because he loves to shake his bootie at me!

Cassie told him to make that face and sign...weirdo! Cute though

Trick-or-treating was actually kind of lame this year. My sister's neighborhood had more vacant and/or houses that simply chose not to give out candy. On every street there was at least 3-7 non-candy houses...which made for very poor trick-or-treating!


Tonya said...

Very cute, they do grow up too fast.

Braja said...

Hey Rachel Ann...I also love the Lord! Nice to meet you! Looks like you had a lotta fun...

Abounader Photography said...

You guys look like a Fun bunch! I hope you had a great time despite the people that wouldn't give out goodies! :-)

Jen said...

Looks like you are having fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Creative and Curious Kids!
God's Shining Stars

Momma Chae said...

I love the bootie shaking photo! I have about a million of my son doing the exact same thing. Actually, half the time he is caught looking back, trying to catch a peek at his own bootie while shaking....
boys. I just hope he grows out of it before he's 15! :)

TMI said...

My little witch had orange hair, but purple is so posh! Cute costumes!

Tiffany said...

That may be the cutest motorcross rider I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

"Rachel, I love your costume..Your hat is the best!" The pic's of them in costume are adorable!
Love ya,
Mom :)

Ronnica said...

Love the shaking the bootie!

Anonymous said...

Rachel..I can't believe you dressed up like a WITCH!! Cute...You know I love ya anyway! Barbara