Friday, October 03, 2008

My Baby's 10 Today!!!

First of all if you are new to my baby is actually my niece!!!

I have no kids yet!!

Maddy is 10 today!! WOW!!! How did she get so big, so mature (well, sometimes) and so lovely? She is growing into a beautiful young lady...I mean she has always been a cutie patootie...oh memories of her as a cute little toddler! But she is seriously becoming a beautiful (Stay back all you nasty boys with cooties...she can't date!!!!!) young lady.

Maddy is the most sensitive person I have ever met, adult or child...she has a heart that breaks over the simplest of things and sometimes it scares me that it hurts her (I've actually seen it hurt her), but know that this sensitivity is a gift from God that she needs to learn how to use in regards to praying for people and such!

Maddy and I are the best of buds! She hangs out with me A LOT!!! I know that it is because I was her nanny for quite a few years and we spent everyday together, and I lived with my sister and family as not only all day long together but all night too (yes, she would come sneak into my bed at can you resist a cute little Mexican cuddle bug?) She still comes and spends the night at my house at least 2-3 a month...sometimes every weekend.

I just love this girl...those of you who know her love her, and those of you who don''d love her if you met her!

Happy Birthday Maddy! Enjoy being 10!!


Nina said...

Happy 10th Bday Maddy!!!!

Rachel Ann said...

What a gorgeous lady! I have a niece too, and what a doll face she is! And happy birthday Maddy - it was my youngest sister's birthday also (though she's 8 years old)!

American in Norway said...

What a cutie! Happy B-Day Maddy...belated
Thanks for stopping by & showing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!