Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go Chiefs!

This is the outcome of four days of cheer of which she bailed out on because she was "tired" do you bail on something that was only four times, I do not understand!

Anywho...Maddy did go to cheer camp which was led by the "big girl" cheerleaders from Moses Lake High School (that's what they called themselves!) The finale of camp was the opportunity to cheer with the big girls the first half of the last home game of the Moses Lake Chiefs football team.

Maddy is in the back...white coat...third from the right!

Go Chiefs! I'm sure they said other stuff...but I was way too busy paying attention to the other people at the there were people in my way and I couldn't really see her too well!

This was the score at halftime...the Wenatchee Panthers were beating us 17 to 13...and they ended up winning! We left at halftime since Maddy was done...because it was killer cold out! I think that those people in charge of sports should change football to a Spring sport...especially if I have to sit out in the cold to watch!

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