Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Does This Picture Make Sense?

I popped into Safeway (VONS for you Southern CA folks!) to grab some turkey and yougurt for lunch (by the way Yoplait's Boston Creme Pie is delicious!). As I was walking down the Frozen Novelties aisle (why do they call it frozen novelties? Hmmm.) I noticed the scene above!

Does anything look strange to you?


Well, let me explain!

This is the ice cream as noticed by the boxes of Vanilla icecream inside the cooler. Outside the cooler? Well usually there are ice cream toppings or scoopers, but today? There is Children's Sunblock sitting out.

Now I thought someone might have put one there because they were a drop and run grocery shopper. But nope! Look closer...there were at least 6 bottles of the stuff. Do they expect people to put on sunblock while eating ice cream in the FALL?

Not sure if this was good product placement or not....I think they need to try again!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

ROTFL that is HILARIOUS!! Once I saw one of those coupon dispenser things for TAMPONS in the soup isle. I was all, what the what???

So funny!! I just LOVE that you took a photo of it...I'm so going to have to do this! lol


Meaghan said...

LOL! You are so right! Ice cream in the fall does not equal sunblock! They are getting pretty desperate


ChefDruck said...

that is so random!

Thanks for entering the 3,2,1 Penguins contest at my blog - good luck!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, You need to rember where we live. Nothing about this place makes any sence at all to "normal" people.

1bitrcountrygirl said...

Why would you put sunscreen by icecream?!?!?!

Ronnica said...

That might make sense in the summer, but these days you'd be crazy to eat ice cream outside!