Wednesday, November 07, 2007

CMA Awards

So I just got home from church and turned on the CMA Awards (those are the Country Music Awards for you none country folk) and Carrie Underwood was just getting ready to give the Horizon Award away....the Horizon Award is for newcomers on the scene.

Well, Taylor Swift...who is like 17 years old...won. Yeah for her (whatever...she isn't my favorite)! However, I had to laugh because like the typical teenager she is, her final comment was, "This is the highlight of my Senior year!" I was floored that she is a Senior in high school and winning major awards on National TV. However, at the same time, I'm thinking, "Wow, you don't get to enjoy normal high school activities like your friends and peers." What happened to Senior skip day and Prom being the highlight of your Sr. year? What about that final culmination of graduation? I personally was stoked by all the small simple things that meant I was finally graduating from high school...senior pictures, class ring, applying for college, finishing my Sr. project...etc, etc. I love seeing "KIDS" succeed in life; however, they still need to be KIDS! Ok, ok...enough of my soap box. Congratulations Taylor on winning.

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