Friday, November 16, 2007

Guess What We Saw?

Our day at Disney was a day of blessing and perfect timing....everywhere we went we just managed to either be the last in line before scheduled maintenance, the first in line for major attractions (Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, etc) and being at Disney when Dancing With the Stars was taping!!!

OMG!! That's right....DWTS star Jennie Garth was appearing LIVE at Disney!! This is earlier in the afternoon when we saw the sign about taping!

And this is Randy, one of the Disney important people who was introducing Jennie...his catch phrase? "Cool, Cool, Cool!" I think I liked him almost better than I did Jennie! :)

Sadly, Jennie's partner Derek was sick yesterday, so she ended up dancing with Mickey.

Watch Monday or Tuesday night and maybe you'll see us in the audience!

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Nina said...

Bella wants to go to Disneyland sooo bad. It's all she talks about and Grandma doesn't help :O) She made me click on all your pictures w/the characters and she just starred at them in aawww. Have a safe trip home and I will meet you soon :O)