Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tooth Aches

Do you have fillings or caps in your mouth? Well, if you are like me and most of the American population, you DO. If you don't please let me know what you have been doing all your life to have such beautiful teeth and no major problems (not that I can ever achieve that, but maybe my kids can!!!). Seriously though, I have fillings, bottom and all around. Once, I had one of my fillings fall out....and let me tell you that it hurt. I think what hurt the most was trying to eat and drink while there was no filling in my tooth...UGH!!! Cold liquid going over a tooth that is missing a filling is NOT is agony!

There is a product though that helps you in situations where you have lost a filling, a crown or a cap...wouldn't that be excellent to have when you lose a filling after doctor's hours? I know I don't want to pay emergency fees for a missing filling. Dentemp OS is a product for temporary dental repair! This product, developed by a dentist, provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort. It is a product that you can find at local retailers and apply at home. There is more than one application in a it is worth your money. Better can eat on that tooth within thirty minutes of applying it to your tooth! Having this around your home may save you in emergencies when you can't get to a dentist...especially if you are on vacation or during the holidays! Of course, all these products have been tested by the required medical fields and they are safe to use at home!

It would have been nice to have Dentemp OS when I lost my filling and was in agony for a few days before I got into my dentist to have my filling replaced. Plus, just think of the money I would have saved...hmmm!

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