Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shopping for Charity

I know, I read, "Shopping for Charity" and think how is that possible. Oh, let me tell you it is possible. There are many charities that fundraise through online shopping stores. You get something you buy a wonderful present for say a friend, a relative, a co-worker or someone you just want to be thoughtful towards...AND...then the charity you buy from makes money. And of course, now is the perfect time to buy a holiday gift for someone.
The Alzheimer's foundation has a wonderful website that you can browse through and do a little holiday shopping. Of course, the foundation benefits as well, as the proceeds are directed back into helping people suffering with Alzheimers and the family and friends that are walking day-by-day with those suffering as well. We don't want to forget charitable foundations during the holiday season. So many people turn their focus inward and forget that there are people battling every day with this disease as well as those who are battling every day to find a cure for this disease.

Ok, I know you are thinking, "What could the Alzheimer's website by selling that I would be interested in?" I see those wheels turning in your head. Well, let me tell you they have some beautiful jewelry....It is the Hearts of Care line and includes a necklace, a bracelet and a lapel pin. What better present to buy then something that is gorgeous but also a good conversation starter. When people ask you about your wonderful jewelry you can then tell them about the Alzheimer's site and their attempts to raise money to fight this debilitating disease.

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