Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'm sure you are asking why I have a picture of my toothbrush (which reminds me that I need to buy a new one!) and Biotene Toothpaste?

Well, over the years I've had off and on problems with sensitive teeth. There have been many instances where I've taken a drink of ice cold water and my front teeth hurt...terribly bad. There are also times when my teeth are even sensitive to the weather outside...I know that sounds weird, but when it gets really cold or even really hot my teeth hurt! What have I done to fix my sensitive teeth problem? In the past? Nothing...I've just grinned and bared it (pun intended). But now I've found a new product for sensitive teeth, it is Biotene Sensitive Toothpaste! I've tried it out a few times and it nice toothpaste. As I've only used a few times, and my teeth aren't acting up right now I can't tell you specifically how it has made my teeth feel better; however, I am hoping that I won't have to tell you that. This product is supposed to resolve my problem of sensitive teeth....so as I continue to use it, it should prevent my sensitive teeth issue and not mask it like other products tend to do! I have friends who fight this problem as well, so I think I'll pass the news on to them as well. One interesting fact that I read off the back of the box: "...#1 recommendation system for dry mouth protection. There is also a very good chance that a reduction of saliva can lead to sensitive teeth." Dry mouth leads to sensitive teeth? I didn't know that...I will be much more on the alert these days!

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