Friday, November 23, 2007


Wish me Luck...OR....Call me decide. It is 4:20 am on Black Friday, and I am sitting here waiting for Holly to come pick me up so we can hit the stores at 5am!! Yes, that's right we are going shopping the day after Thanksgiving at 5am!!! I know, I know....are there really deals that are good enough for getting up this early? Well, I have a ton of Christmas gifts I'd like to buy and Walmart has a microwave for $25 and other kitchen gadgets (coffee pot, hand mixer and toaster) for $3.98 a piece. So if I can get my hands on just a few of these I will feel as if I was successfull. I'd say I'd blog about it later, but I might be taking a nap later!

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Monica said...

I hope you found some great deals out there~ I didn't...I was sleeping...zzzzz