Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Marcie I know you thought those other pictures were just for you...but really, I was thinking of you when these pictures were taken!

We toured through Minnie's house and then through Mickey's house. At the end of Mickey's house there was a line of about 20 people waiting to go into a secret room. Hmm, we thought...where does that room go and why aren't there more people in line?

Well, I be darned....the nice lady was letting groups of about 5-8 into a small dressing room for the star of Disneyland...MICKEY MOUSE! We got to get our pictures done individually and together. It was definitely the best character moment of our trip! Funny thing, we didn't see a whole lot of characters out and about the park the day we were there! Oh well....it's not like I haven't seen most of the characters at some point or other.

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Marcie said...

Oh yes! That IS much better! It was worth the wait wasn't it!? Great pics!!!

ps. I'll be going to Saturday service since I'm working Sundays still...