Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The countdown has started! I am leaving for home is just over a week! My friend Holly flies into San Diego a week from tonight. We are going to spend a day or so playing in Southern CA, and then we are going to start the drive back to WA State. Ok, so that part about driving home doesn't really excite me, but hey! You gotta do what ya gotta do! The only part I'm concerned about is the mountain passes that we will have to go through! There is the possibility that there will be snow in some places. Well, we will just have to take it as it comes!

So those of you who read this...let's get together while I'm in Puyallup and before I move over to Moses Lake. Coffee? Nina and Marcie that means you!!! We can even met up at church...I'm going to pop in on Sat night and Sun morning after Thanksgiving.

Hope you all have a great night!


Marcie said...

Its a Date!

Nina said...

Whoo Hoo...count me in :O) Just email me with the exact when and where and I will be there!