Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Back

Man oh man, what a busy weekend...obviously I didn't get back online Friday to tell you all about my shopping! That is because I was out all day, stopped for a quick break...went back to the mall, took a quick nap (very quick) and then went to an appointment with Holly, grabbed a quick sandwich and then went to a movie! WOW...a lot of stuff!

Shopping: Was fantastic! I was very surprised at how well it went...the crowds at the large department stores (even Walmart) were pretty good...lots better than the people at the mall. I got a lot of Christmas shopping done; however, I got tons of stuff for myself! I got a microwave for $25, a $50 portable DVD player, $3.98 toaster, coffee pot and hand mixer, $40 down comforter (queen), $20 flannel sheets, $40 suede jacket (faux)...just incredible deals! I bought a bit more than I thought I was, but it was well worth going out early in the morning. More importantly, it is good to go with a friend so you can tag team shop...we had strategy, cell phones and lots of energy (and nerve)....I had a lot of fun on this my first official Black Friday.

Movie we saw: August Rush! If you are looking for a fantastic, albeit a tearjerker, this is the movie to go see. All the characters did an amazing job, and the kid was outstanding! This is a must see movie...the music in it is amazing as well!

Now, I'm in Moses Lake...just got in an hour or so ago and I start work tomorrow! I will keep you posted

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