Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scared Spitless!

First of all, where does that saying come from? Scared spitless? Hmmm, just a random question for you.

Anywho...The Mist...a new movie about people stuck in a threatening situation and their true nature coming to the front and center is coming out! Are you going to see it? I think it looks interesting....more importantly, it looks real so I feel as if could actually happen in real life. UgH!!!!

So I have been in a threatening situation and the personalities of all us come out very clearly! So the situation wasn't threatening in that someone was trying to kill us, or the plane was crashing or anything like that, but it was definitely scary! When my sister Shannon and I were kids my Mom let us float down the Puyallup River along with a friend of my sisters. So, there we were...three girls (teenagers) on a two man raft. I know how to swim, my sister doesn't and I'm not sure about the other girl! The plan was for us to leave from our back property on the river and float down to the bridge, where my Dad was supposed to pick us up! Good felt important as we were doing an adult type activity. The little trip started out good....then we spotted a group of guys (probably teenage punks) just up and across the river. So my sister, remember she doesnt' know how to swim and is wearing a life jacket, decided that she didn't want any boys seeing her with a life jacket on so she takes it off. We go a little further...then BAM! We got sucked into some trees that were over hanging on the river bank. We got thrown out...the raft kept on going down sister got stuck on a tree branch (holding on for dear life with blood just pouring down her face)....I remember going underneath a tree face up underneath the water and pushed downstream from my sister...the friend got pushed downstream as well. Needless to say, it was quite a threatening was threatening my life!!!! Eventually we got ourselves up out of the water and found that we were down the river with no idea on where to go. We started walking through the trees and such trying to get to the main road while thinking that we hope our Dad doesn't see an empty raft float past him. We make it to a road, and start walking down comes my Dad in the pickup...we are soaking wet and my sister is covered in blood...I'm sure he was feeling a bit shaky! How did we deal with the situattion? I cried over and over, "I want my Daddy!!!" I admit I was a big sister kept yelling at me to shut up...and my sister's friend was no help at all!

Now, you tell me what your threatening situation was and how people reacted. People react in such different ways when faced with threatening situations! Just like the people in the new movie The Mist by Stephen King!

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