Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Puyallup Foursquare Church's word of the year for 2007 is "GO DEEP" (the above is the picture being used year round with our current series). It is a great word for the year and has made me evaluate a few areas of my life that I need to go deep in. I am going to briefly share with you and as they progress throughout the year, I will give you updates:

Rachel's GO DEEP list for 2007:

1. Go Deep with Finances. I am starting next week by investing $100 into a retirement fund and adding $30 a month to it! This sounds simple, but I haven't had a lot of money, and honestly a lot of motivation to do this. I'm not getting younger, and I haven't been working jobs that add to a retirement fund so this is going to be GOOD for me!

2. Go Deep with Education. I am looking at online programs to get either a post-bachelor's degree or a Masters Degree....both which would include a teacher's certification. I found a school today that really looks good.....Western Governors University. I am going to pursue this and hope to be back in school by the summer.

3. Go Deep with the Past. This sounds weird I know. But God has been whispering to me to find my birth parents (yes, I am adopted for those of you who didn't know). In no way am I looking for new parents.... I LOVE the ones I have. But I think God wants to finalize sewing up some past hurts and such. And yes, I am curious.

4. Go Deep with Relationships. I have come to a point in life where I realize that some relationships are more important than others. Don't take me wrong....I love all my friends. But you can only invest a 100% of yourself into a few people.....if I try to invest 100% to 20-40 people they are not truly getting 100%. I have some great close friends who I can call on for anything and I treasure those. I also am investing more into the lives of those who I will be working with more closely in CA.

5. Go Deep in Ministry. This one is obvious. California hear I come.

6. Go Deep in Faith. A wonderful lady at church, Natalie, was telling me that she saw me as the bold one going forth on the journey with Abraham. And I completely feel like I am on the journey that God was leading Abraham on. I am moving out in faith to places unseen......knowing that HE will be with me day after day. Natalie....thank you for all your encouraging words everytime we talk! You make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

7. Go Deep in New Adventures Creatively. Something that I have been wanting to do for a long time is submit some of my scrapbook layouts and altered projects so that I can either get published or become part of a design team for a scrapbook company. There is a great company, Rusty Pickle, who is searching for new design team members this June, and I want to do it! It is times like this though when the ideas aren't coming!

I'm sure I have other Go Deep things for the year, but that is the start!

You may not go to Puyallup Foursquare church, but everyone goes deep somehow. What are you going to GO DEEP in this year?

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