Sunday, March 25, 2007

Money Made

Do you have the opportunity to sit at home (or on your free time at work...shhh, I won't tell!) and make money by simply blogging?

Well, it is that time again for me to tell you how much money Payperpost (PPP) has paid me (Rachel Ann) for simply submitting posts on my blog. Yes, in case you didn't know you can make money (dinero, pesos, moolah, cash, euros, name the money and its yours!) by blogging! It is fast, it is easy and it definitely makes you money. Blogs that make money, who knew? The nice thing is that the posts aren't generally long and tedious! I can do up to two a day, making between $5 and $10 a post! Those people who have higher Google rankings are making even more per post...up to $500! Can you believe it?! I want to get to that point in my Payperpost money making!

So a little background on me and PPP, I personally having been making money through PPP since October 2006...that is only five months ago! Liek I said above it is easy to do and fun! If you are interested click the link on the sidebar and that will take you to PPP...please a get a referral bonus!

So how much have I made? Just a few bucks? Nope!!!! In the five months I have been blogging for money, I have made....

drumroll please.........


and I have $61 waiting to be paid to me in the next 30 days!

That is quite a big chunk of cash for simply writing posts about this and that, here and there! The money has gone towards paying some bills, towards an Ipod, towards my mission's trip, and now it is sitting in my account for when I move to Cali! And speaking of moving to Calfiornia, this something that I can do anywhere at I can continue making big bucks once I move to Caifornia. And now that I am going back to school and moving (and consequently having to give up some of my part-time jobs) I will still have the opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

My next goal mark is $2,000...I have a bit of a way to go, but I will get there very soon!

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