Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sean Willingham

First rounds of the PBR was last night! Wow...those bulls were ornery last night. There were at least 6 or 7 re-rides...where usually only 1 or 2 re-rides are offered in a night!
The guys were awesome...lots of high scores. Everyone's favorite Justin McBride scored an 88.25, which is a GREAT score. However, Sean Willingham--one of my all time favs--came up on Justin and scored a 90.75!!!! Obviously, Sean won the go round last night.
The boys are at it again this afternoon for go-round #2 and the final top 15! I'm rootin' for Sean. Ya know, if you haven't made it to watch PBR before you really is a fascinating and exciting sport! You can watch the PBR every week (including the Tacoma show) on OLN (The Outdoor Life Network).
**Side note....I am working in Seattle all week and staying with my sister who does not have a computer, so I will be gone from all of your lives for the next week. Till we meet again!**

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