Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Chipo!

Happy Birthday my dear friend! You are 26 today!
This is my dear friend Chipo, and her birthday is today! I purchased a calling card and called her in Zimbabwe today! It was so worth it! It has been many, many months since I've talked to her (never called Zimbabwe before). She is doing well....God is pushing her in certain areas, but she is good! We got to know each other pretty well a couple of years ago when we lived at the same house taking care of a man with dementia. We both love corny stuff...I think that is what makes us such great friends!

Chipo, I can't wait for the day that we get to see each other again. I know that you are one of the best friends God has given me, and I appreciate your willingness to be obedient to God....where He is taking you, what He has brought you through, and how He is going to bless you!

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Marcie said...

Oh I totally am going to copy this picture of Cheps! You make me sad knowing you talked with her today!
But then again I have talked w/her nearly every Sunday on IM so I guess I do have that!
Be Blessed Chipo!
I miss you HUGELY (if that is even a work) as well!!!