Sunday, March 18, 2007


Remember that one of my "Go Deep" goals this year is to go deep with my finances? Well, couldn't a person invest in gold as a financial security investment? Think about it? People have been using gold for financial business for have the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans...they all used gold in the old days. Heck in King Solomon's time there was so much gold and precious jewels that it was simply a common commodity. Flash forward to "current" times and the gold rushes that happened here in the USA! Everyone loves gold! Unlike paper money, which can lose its value (especially as so many countries are going to the Euro--but that's another story!), gold keeps a solid value as you hold onto it. If you are interested in investing with gold, Monex Deposit Company can deliver it to you (or rather to your safe deposit box at the bank)! So as you are thinking of going deep with finances...or just want to have a little fun diversifying your assets, check into investing in gold!

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