Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Music

I love music! In fact, I've been downloading tons of music the last few days onto my Ipod! Of course my favorite is country; however, I do listen to other genres. I like current musicians along side the oldies. I also like listening to newbies on the scene. I think that those people who are seriously dedicated to their art are those out there who are unsigned artists trying to get noticed. There is this great site that lets you look through all genres of music to find unsigned artists that are top notch......these men and women come from all over the world, making them World Artists! I checked out the country section and listened to a few bands, and WOW they are good! Yes, you can listen to the band...that is what makes it great! You aren't just reading some bio, but actually listening! There are bands in this section that fall under the country genre along with Christian and rock.....a little variety in their music. If you are looking to find some great new artists from Classical to Rock to Grunge to R&B to Techno...you name it, they probably have it. Be some of the first people to hear these amazing artists before they are signed and famous!

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