Saturday, March 24, 2007


Part of my starting back up at school requires a good working computer. I have access to a computer at home right now; however, I am needing to buy a new computer. I have pretty much decided to go with a Mac Laptop. One of the things I am looking into now is the laptops wireless capalities for internet usage. I am also looking and getting myself informed as to how wireless works and what it entails and what I need. There is this site that tells me about WiFi, and the products needed(like routers and such!). The site also talks about Voice and IP Communications....or VOIP. This site has a huge product portfolio which is going to help me as I go through all the information. They talk about networks, LAN controllers and other LAN info, adapters, servers and more. Hopefully I will get enough information to make great decisions when it comes to deciding whether to go wireless or not.


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