Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Letter from Chipo

This is an email I received from my good friend Chipo who moved back to Zimbabwe last year. Please take the time to read it and pray as she has requested. God can do amazing things when His people pray!

Hi.I'll make this quick. First, sorry that some of you have not heard from me for years... HERE I AM! I hope you are well.

Second and most important: I am asking you to please help me fast and pray for my country next Wednesday. Why next Wednesday? It's my birthday and I wanted to do something unselfish, meaningful and significant (to me anyway). Zimbabwe is a country in a giant CRAPtastrophe! We need the Lord to do something... ANYTHING. WE have all the makings of a country that should be in a civil war but thank God we are not warring. To be honest, I don't know how much more my people can take.I'll be honest, I've never felt particularly patriotic toward Zim- hell, I didn't wanna come back! But I find my heart aching for this li'l nation. So please, if you can and if you want, stand with me next Wednesday whereever you are.... I hear the Lord answers prayers. He can't ignore a whole bunch of His kids crying out all at once, right?

Thank you Much love and lotsa blessings

Chipo Chikara

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