Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reason I LOVE my Bed

I was at my sister Camille's house all last week, and while there I slept in my niece Dajia's bed. Her bed isn't really fact, it is quite uncomfortable. It is pretty hard with not a lot of give to it when you bounce around a bit. And it is way too low to the ground, as they don't have a bedframe as of yet.

So last night I slept in bed for the first time in a week. The first thing that went through my mind this morning is how much I love my bed! Seriously, I'm not joking I thought of various reasons that make my bed special and I thought I'd share them with you (because if you are like me you enjoy YOUR bed just as much as I enjoy mine!):

1. I have memory I need to say more?

2. I have one soft fuzzy blanket underneath my big fat comforter and it makes me feel like I am sleeping inside a cocoon...nice, safe and comfortable.

3. My bed dips just a bit in the middle (since I am the only person sleeping in it) and makes a nice spot just for me.

4. It is high up off the floor! Weird to like this fact, but I do!

5. I have cotton sheets (not flannel like my sister....which there is nothing wrong with) that make it cold to get into but it is a luxurious feeling I like....I know I'm weird!

So anyhow, that was my thought process this morning.

Have a glorious Sunday worshipping the Lord!

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