Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mission Trip Pictures

I promised I would show some pictures of our trip, and here a few...I will post more later.

This first one is of our group praying on the steps of the government buildings in Singapore. Every year we have gone there we have spent time walking the city and praying for the five gates into a country: religion, finances, education, media, and government. The government in Singapore right now is that of a benevolent king while it is run by a prime minister (I believe I got that right!). But of course, they need Christians in high ranking government positions.

This very large buddha statue is at Bright Hill Temple in Singapore. This is a temple that we visit every year, and supposedly this section of the temple represents the holiest of holy places for the buddhists. Usually we get kicked out of this section; however, we didn't and so we took the opportunity to pray for those that come through here!

These are some school children in Bangkok getting ready to participate in a Chinese New Year Parade. We saw them when we were at a temple praying. Buddhism starts teaching their children from a very young age about the religion, as it is a very familial type of religion.

This is a view of Bangkok on the river, from our tour boats. It is very much a big city but as you can tell from this last picture there are many areas of poverty and neglect.

Yes, these are houses that we saw on the river and people do live in them. Sometimes if the river floods, they get flooded. Some of the houses seemed like they were going to crumble any minute. God is definitely needed in this country.

I will put more pictures up as the weeks go on, as I am getting my pictures developed and some more pictures from some of my team.

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