Monday, March 12, 2007

I've had quite a few people ask me if "everything" is ok! I guess my rambling a few posts back made some people concerned for my well being (or maybe my sanity!) :)

I hope I made it clear that I was simply working through some things at church, and that I am ok! Yep, I'm good to go. What was the issue? Our MC director Shannon and Liz are leaving for San Diego much earlier than was anticipated. I was simply working through some emotions over the whole thing. If you have ever worked in a church, paid or volunteer, you understand that it isn't always smelling roses.

His leaving is not a problem. He is leaving on good terms with our church, and they fully support him and his family moving and starting their own church. There was just some undercurrents I was working through. But I am staying on with MC until graduation in June. I will finish substitute teaching through the school year, ending in June. Then I will probably spend the Fourth of July with my family and then I am moving South.

How am I going to move? Where am I going to move? What am I going to do once I move?


I have no money! I have no job! I am no place to live (and in fact haven't had to pay rent for years)!

But let me tell you a secret! Shhh....come a little closer....GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING!!! HE has it under control. He told me to go, and I am going!

If you are at all interested in supporting me as a missionary for 12--18 months, and you feel God is leading you that direction....please let me know. I truly feel as I am on the move just like Abraham and Sarah were on the move when God told them to head out. This is also my first time that I feel as if what I am doing is actually missionary work here on the homefront.

Our church won't even be starting until Easter 2008. What will we be doing before then? Shannon will be teaching foundational beliefs of the new church, and casting vision. He is also taking his core team on a few church "field trips" to observe other churches.

Am I nervous? You betcha! But that's God is bigger than the butterflies in my stomach!

Thanks to those who have stopped me with encouraging words, you mean more to me than I can ever express!

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