Thursday, September 27, 2007

Credit Card

Are you trying to find a credit card that provides a decent APR, helps with transferring balances and gives money to a charity of your choice when you make purchases. There are so many offers that come your way via mail, email, vendors out and about, stores asking you to open an account....they come from the left and right. Sometimes it is hard to decipher all the hows, why and what nots of credit cards...their lingo, their details and ultimately the incentives they offer to get you to chose them! There is a credit card that is offering 0% on purchases and balance transfers for six months. That is a pretty good deal on balance transfers, especially if you are trying to consolidate a few credit cards into one. It is always a hard decision to make when deciding on a credit card, so my only consideration when looking at any credit card to read all the fine print and be sensible when purchasing items with credit!

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