Friday, September 21, 2007

It's getting chilly!

Wow....what a quick and fast turn around from the unbearably hot weather I was telling you all about just a few weeks ago! The last few nights have been cold.....cold enough for me to get my jacket out the other night and wear it. Cold enough that at night I have three blankets over me....yes, that is because I had the window open (right above my bed) and the ocean breeze, well isn't quite breezy it is downright frigid. I like the fresh air coming in at night; however, I am realizing that the window is going to have to be shut from here on out if I want to have a nice night of sleep instead of freezing the whole night. During the day it hasn't been HOT, but it has been pretty comfortable. I can still walk around in capris and flip flops, but there is usually a nice cool breeze blowing through from the ocean! So all in all...I am NOT DYING from the heat!!

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Nina said...

Washington has been hit and miss with the sun and rain. It is truly that difficult time of year when your not sure what to wear. That is partly why I love the new clothing line I am going to a stylist for called LAYERS Clothing. It's all about just that...layering. And you know how it is during this time of year :O) Enjoy the Cali weather!