Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sentinel Movie

Ok, so I told you about me being in the finals for this movie a while back...well, the contest ends in 8 hours and I am only 1 vote behind the current leader. Can you please help me out by clicking on Rachel's Sentinel DVD link, registering with and voting for me? If I could get a few more votes in today I might actually win another movie....thanks for helping me out. And hey if you go and register vote for some other contests while there...Holly and Rodney are both entered into finalist stages there:

Bridge to Terabitha DVD (Vote for teamswitzer)

Pingo Calling Cards (Vote for teamswitzer)

Good Night and Good Luck DVD (Vote for Rodswag)

30 Days Until I'm Famous DVD (Vote for me....rachelannmac)

Thanks for helping us out. Plus, once signed up join some'd be surprised at how quickly you are entered into finalists stages.

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