Friday, September 14, 2007

The Smell of Pink Bubblegum....

hit me as soon as I opened my bday box from Susana.....I knew there was pink bubblegum in the box somewhere, but wasn't quite sure where!

I did a little digging and lo and behold a Disney Princess Pinanta!!!! It is great (and obviously has pink bubblegum inside). However, I don't want to break I am going to carefully get the goodies out!

So after seeing this wonderful present some of the comments on the outside of the box started to make sense.

She wrote....

"Rachel's birthday should be a big HIT!"

"Hope your birthday is a SMASHing success."

"Don't get all out of WHACK if the candles on your cake set off the fire alarm!"

Thank you so much!! PS....I tried calling you, but no answer, and I am on my way to work!

She also got me the cutest coffee has cowboy boots on it and the other has cowboy hats. I know, I know I have weird tastes...and Susana knows that I appreciate the extreme from Disney Princesses (because really, I am one) to cowboy paraphernalia.

Oooohhh, inside I found mini card games, balloons, streamer noise makers, lots of candy (warheads, nerds, sour patch kids, suckers, jawbreakers, etc, etc) and mini lip glosses--cotton candy bon bon lips, pink lemonade and chocolate chip mint lip gloss (my favorite ice cream!). I'm loving the sour patch kids...even though it is just basically SUGAR!!!! Once I wake up a bit more I'll try sucking on some of those warheads...although I might just wait till church tomorrow and make it into a contest for who can keep them in the longest!

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Nina said...

Choc chip mint ice cream is my favorite too! I lived on it in high school when I worked at Baskin and Robbins :O)~ Enjoy the jawbreakers and I will be thinking of u when I am at the 11 am service :O)