Monday, September 17, 2007


I have always been complimented on my skin. How smooth it is, how there are no wrinkles, and how young I look (I do admit being 33 but being told that I look 25 is quite nice). I've never had a regimented beauty technique. I don't use creams, lotions and special soap. I washed my face for years with regular body soap and then switched to St. Ives years ago. So far, so good! I have been mightily blessed. However, I am getting older, and the wrinkles will start arriving soon! Hopefully soon means 20-30 years (a girl can dream right?) Anyhow, I digress....I thought I should begin looking into different techniques, methods and ideas for keeping healthy, young skin. I found a product that comes from Asia (I have been there, and the women look beautiful and young, so they must be doing something right there!) called Gac Fruit. Gac Fruit is a natural, tropical super fruit...found abundantly in Vietnam....with anti-oxidants that help guard your skin against damage and helps with rejuvenation of your skin. R.G. skin revitalizer (Red Gac) will help you age well from the inside out! Just think...when I am 50 years old I might look the age I really am today...33!

This is the Gac Fruit...the red fruit inside is the vital ingredient in the formula that keeps us ladies looking young and revitalized! The Vietnamese also use it to cook with rice and is used for other medicinal purposes. Amazing how one little fruit...well not so little, it gets to be the size of a cantaloupe, can be used in so many ways!

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Anonymous said...

What about Mary Kay, Girl?? Maybe you need me to send you some samples!! :o)
Miss you! ~ Holly Alexander

Rachel Ann said...


I did use Mary Kay at one point in life...their soap is actually what cleared up my acne when I was younger!!

Love Ya