Monday, September 17, 2007

Present for the Switzers?

Holly and Rodney received these great Adirondack chairs for wedding shower presents last year. They were handmade for them and sit proudly in their back yard. As a frequent visitor to the Switzer household I have sat in those chairs many, many times! They are super comfy and absolutely wonderful. However, winter is slowly approaching (I know, I know it isn't even Fall yet), but is slowly approaching. You know winter comes quicker in Washington State! Anywho...I got to thinking that they might need to protect those wonderful chairs from the elements! I found a site that sells Adirondack chair covers that are perfect for their chairs. These covers will keep the chairs from rain, wind, sleet, leaves falling from the trees, snow and whatever else God sends down from the sky!!! So if you have chairs that need to be covered, check this site out for your perfect cover!

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