Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So every once in a while I like to give a little PPP shout out!!! What is PPP you ask? For those of you who are new to blogging and more importantly blogging for money, PPP is payerpost.com. They pay you, yes pay you, to blog! You take opportunities and you get paid anywhere from $5 a post to $30 on up to over $100...you have the potential to make lots of money for just a few minutes (ok, maybe a bit more) each day. In that, I wanted to give an update on my PPP earnings, so here you go:

  • This is me: rachelannmac
  • Posts Taken:236
  • Posts Approved:233
  • Posts Rejected:0
  • PPP Direct:1 (this is where advertisers hire me directly, through a button on my blog!)
  • Have Been Paid: $1,513.09
  • Will Be Paid: $149.75
  • Total Money Made to Date: $1662.84
I joined PPP last October, so this is extra money that I have earned in just less than a year. There are people who have made over $10,000!!! That's a lot of pocket change for a bit of work. If you are interested in doing this just click on the PPP button on the right sidebar of my blog....because if you join I make extra money as well!

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