Monday, September 03, 2007

HOT and even HOTTER

I don't know exactly what the temperature has been around here the last four to five days, but it has been HOT!!! During the day it isn't so bad; however, at night when I am trying to sleep? It is unbearable. Up until about a week ago, I was able to pull a lightweight blanket over I'm lucky if I can bear sleeping with all my clothes on! : ) Seriously, I'm lying in bed sweating and no breeze fan, no air conditioning and the air isn't circulating well in my room. I'm trying not to complain; however, when I am trying to sleep and all I feel is rivulets of sweat pouring down my makes it a tad hard. Needless to say I am not getting good rest every night....hard to actually fall asleep and uncomfortable the whole night! Ahhhhhhhhhh.....

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Anonymous said...

Bravo for leaving your every comfort behind to help plant a church. You are quite a girl!!! Just hang in there... it WILL get better!