Monday, September 17, 2007

Long Live the King!!

I am a fan of the King! Yes, I love Jesus; however, I am talking about the King of Rock 'n Roll! Elvis Presley!! And when I say that I am a fan, I don't just mean a fan...I am a fanatic! I am one of those people who believes all the conspiracy theories that he is alive and well! Yes, he is either eating at Dairy Queen (probably a dipped chocolate cone) or he is shopping at Walmart somewhere between Midnight and 3 am! I know I am a dork, but seriously.

Ok, back to the point of why I wrote this post! I went a little buying crazy on Ebay the other day...and bought a few DVD's. What did I buy? Well, I got an Elvis movie, or maybe I got 4!! LOL...I know I went a little crazy, but I couldn't help myself. And they weren't very expensive. I got Kissing Cousins, Girls Girls Girls, Double Trouble and Spinout!! So I'm thinking that I might be watching a few Elvis movies this week before premiere week on TV next week (Thank Goodness it is premiere week finally....the summer shows are so lame!)

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