Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Round of WHOGETS.COM

So those of you who are new to my way of winning prizes and goodies of the internet...let me fill you in. I register for FREE prizes at Whogets.com, and in turn they send NO SPAM to you and your email address. The way a person wins these prizes is by having people vote for them. So I've said all that to say that I've entered into two contests and need YOUR HELP to win!! I am actually in the running for the same thing in two different contests....the contests are for $5 international calling cards. Why do I need these? Well, I really want to talk to my favorite friend in Zimbabwe...Chipo Chikara! I usually use Plingo.com...but would much rather use FREE calling cards.

So click on the links below and vote for me (Mom, I already did it for you!). If you aren't a member of whogets, then all you have to do is create a member ID and start voting...it's easy!

Calling Card #1

Calling Card #2

Thanks for voting!

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