Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting Ready....

As you know, I got tickets to go see The Price is Right with Drew Carey. Really, all you have to do is go online click the date you want to go and you get's easy and they are free!

Of course, we had to have T-Shirts for the big day. We were originally going to make t-shirts that said "Carey's Cuties" but when we were watching the show on Monday (which was the first air date with Drew) there were girls on there with that saying.

Instead we went with the saying, "I heart Drew"....the eye being the CBS eye logo! They looked great! This is Abby painting one of the shirts the night before we went.

Here I am with paint brush in hand, and dorky Drew glasses...did I mention to you that we also had Drew glasses? They were great that Abby and JaNay kept wearing theirs all day!

Here is the beginning on our shirts....Eye Heart....

Here are me and Abby modeling the finished product and here are Liz and JaNay working on theirs as well.

Side Note: Don't wait until the night before to make your shirts....go to bed early!

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