Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hi...still going strong down here in Southern CA. The fires are devastating and a bit overwhelming! A few people in our group voluntarily evacuated on Tuesday, as they were only a mile from an evacuation point. They figured it was better to just leave and be safe! The air quality is terrible, you can't stay outside very is hard to breathe, the smoke is overwhelming and just dark! I haven't seen blue skies in days...really miss it! The car is covered in ash every day, and I live at least 10 miles from the nearest fire.

A few people have called me because they have heard Oceanside in the news as the latest city affected. However, this isn't the city of Oceanside proper..they are really talking about Camp Pendleton...the Marine base here in Oceanside. There was a fire in Fallbrook, the city right next to the base and then two (or three) fires started on base.

The devastation left behind though is unbelievable. Over 2000, commercial buildings, etc....have been destroyed. The cost of the fire damage has been estimated at over 1 billion already! WOW. Out of the 11 or so fires, in San Diego County alone, only 2 have been contained and they aren't expected to be contained until the end of the month (at least).

So, right now we are just going about daily business as much as possible and praying for higher humidity and lower winds. Some rain would be nice too, but seeing as how this isn't Washington I doubt that I'll see rains....but you never know, I serve a God of miracles!

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