Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Price is Right

So we got up at 4am Thursday morning so that we could leave Liz's house by 4:30 am...we left almost on time, but not quite. We were out of Oceanside by 5am...after picking up JaNay at her house.

We were doing good with traffic until we hit LA, and then was stop and go traffic for the last hour or more! We were hoping to get to the studios no later than 6:30 am; however, by the time we got there and parked and then ran around trying to find the entrance to the studio it was just about 8am. The benefit to getting there early is that you received a priority ticket for entrance into the taping. Thankfully we made it in enough time so as to make it in...we were a bit nervous for awhile!

After processing (took forever!) we were taken to another set of benches (still outside) where we were interviewed by CBS officials? Those that get on the show? Yeah, not random....they interview you and pick who they want on the show. I still haven't quite figured out what they are looking for. It is a quick interview...the guy asks you one or two questions and moves on to to the next person.....I'm guessing, upbeat, happy, excited....????

Then you move to another set of benches (still outside) where you turn over your cell phones, cameras and any other electrical devices. And we sat there for quite sometime. Finally, we made it into the studio. It was cool to be inside where they made the show! However, it was was small, smelled like a thrift store and cameras everywhere. On TV they make it look so much bigger than it really is!

So we were sat in the back corner of the audience, and the seats kind of sucked! You could barely see anything!

During this taping some guy, John, won a corvette and his showcase which included a huge sailboat for a total of over $89,000.....amazing! Sadly, we weren't picked to come on down! On the way out we were told that we could stay for the second taping if we wanted. Abby and I were on it right away. Liz and JaNay were tired and were actually contemplating going shopping or something, but in the end they decided to stick around and go with us to the second taping of the day! It went a bit faster this time, and before we knew we were in the audience yet again!


Marcie said...

OMGOsh how totally cool! YOu know I would totally appreciate this stuff since I"m all about the entertainment junk!
so how much in taxes did Janay have to pay for her prizes?
We all know that stuff isn't totally free! But even a couple hundred dollars is cheaper then the real thing!
Looks like so much fun!!! I'm so jealous!

Rachel Ann said...

She doesn't actually have to pay the taxes until 3 months AFTER her episode airs on not until April sometime. And we are figuring at least 20%...her winnings were about $7, not a terrible lot!