Saturday, October 20, 2007

LA Fashion Show

After a long day yesterday (remember we went to the Price is Right, but I'll get to that shortly) the girls and I stayed for an Ed Hardy Fashion Show, which was a part of LA Fashion Week.

The show was being held in LA at The Grove Shopping Center. As we were walking back to the car after being at the taping of the Price, we saw adverts for the Fashion show. Mind you it didn't start until 9pm, but we decided to stick around anyway and check it out!

Here are Liz, JaNay and Abby posing in front of the red carpet!

This is the way cool neon sign outside of the movie theater promoting The Grove. It really is a cool shopping complex. It is like a huge mall, but it is all outdoors. You kind of walk around everything, like in a mini-city. Very nice! There are also restaurants and such in the midst of this!

This is Ed Hardy himself. OMG...can't believe it! LOL...actually? I have no idea who is is, and I wouldn't have even taken this picture if someone hadn't pointed him out to me! I'm really not that into fashion, and I definitely don't know who the designers and other fashion people are!

These are just pictures from the fashion show itself. Unfortunately, they had quite a few, erm, quite A LOT of outfits that I didn't see fit to take as they were highly indecent. The dancers they had at the beginning of the show simply looked like strippers taken right out of the strip club. The way they looked and the way they danced was highly inappropriate! Like I said, I don't know fashion...but if that's it, then I'm better off not knowing!

But HEY, I can now say that I have been to an official fashion show, during LA Fashion week nonetheless! How cool is that?

This guy's name is Joe! We actually met him a few hours before the show as he was walking around handing out fliers to people in the shopping area. He was a bit out there...language and such, but we said we would root him on when he came down and we did. LOL...he probably didn't even remember us!

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