Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So if Marcie and I were to ever go on vacation together, I have a feeling that we would end up at someplace fun like oh, let's say, Disney World! We are both Disney fanatics....we are good friends and I think would enjoy time together exploring Disney World. Although her husband and son might object that we were going on vacation together! :)

However, a trip to Disney World can be expensive...seeing as how we live in the Pacific NW and would have to fly to Florida...but one way we can save money is on our Disney World tickets...discounted Disney tickets can be purchased very easily off the internet, and is a sure fire way to save money. You can save at least $10 a person when buying multiple day hopper passes...now $10 doesn't sound like much, but hey every penny counts when you need extra cash to buy goodies inside the park! In addition to Disney World Tickets you can buy tickets to all sorts of different entertainments...Blue Man Group, Kennedy Space Center, Richard Petty driving experience and so much (much) more! Wouldn't this make a nice gift for someone? You could make all the arrangements and buy all the tickets online and be ready to go the minute you get off the plane in Orlando!

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